DXDFK-300T 单列粉粒背封圆角包装机

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  Model DXDFK-300T

  Single lane round corner/special shaped bag granule and powder mixed packing machine




  1. 本机适用于医药、保健品、食品等行业含粉量比较多的产品包装。如:功能性固体饮料、咖啡、果珍粉、益生菌等。

  2. 人性化的圆角型设计,不易造成划伤;双易撕口设计,使打开更方便使用。

  3. 整机采用伺服电机+PLC触摸屏操控,人员操作简单,易熟练掌握;气动封合系统,运行稳定。

  4. 采用特殊的制袋系统,可完全保证袋子的平整度和美观度。

  5. 自有专利主权设计的抽屉式下料,封闭式除尘系统,可使包装封口干净,密闭性好。

  包装材料: 聚酯/聚乙烯(低温),聚酯/聚酯镀铝/聚乙烯(低温),聚酯/纯铝/聚乙烯(低温)



  1. This machine is suitable for medical, health care product and food industries to pack powdery product, such as solid granules energy drinks, coffee, tang powder, probiotics etc.

  2. Humanized round corner design, which is not easily to hurt your hand. Double easy tear design makes it much easier to open.

  3. The whole machine adopt servo motor and PLC touch screen control system, which is much easier to operate; Air driver sealing system make the machine run more steady.

  4. This machine adopt special bag making system which can make the bag neat and much beauty.

  5. Our own patented drawer feeding system, enclosed dust removal system can keep the sealing margin clean, no material stained and with good airtight.



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