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  Model DXDP-40VI/VII

  Full servo motor high-speed water-bindered pills packing machine (single bag/connected bags)




  1. 本机适用于医药、保健品等行业的产品包装。如:水蜜丸、胶囊、素片、糖衣片等。

  2. 全机采用全伺服系统,动作精准,速度快,免维护型。

  3. 本机采用间歇式封合,独特的封合方式,花纹清晰,密闭性强,避免了漏气、褶皱现象。

  4. 采用盘式下料机构设计,单独控制调整。

  5. 外置式调整切刀,可在机器运行状态下进行调整,方便、安全。

  6. 如果选用双刀系统设计可执行N袋一切功能,大大降低了装盒劳动强度,并保证了装盒数量的准确性。

  包装材料: 聚酯/聚乙烯(低温),聚酯/聚酯镀铝/聚乙烯(低温),聚酯/纯铝/聚乙烯(低温)



  1. This machine is suitable for medical, health care products, such as honeyed pills, capsule, compressed tablets, sugar-coated tablet etc.

  2. This machine adopt full servo motor control system, with accurate action, fast speed, no need maintenance.

  3. This machine adopt the intermittent sealing system, this special sealing system make the pattern more clearly, with good airtight, and avoid the bag leakage and wrinkle.

  4. This machine adopt the plate feeding structure, it can control seperately.

  5. External cutter adjusting device, you can adjust the cutter position with no machine stop, more convenient and safety.

  6. If adopt the double cutter system can achieve N bags a cut, which reduce the cartoning labor intensity and ensure the cartoning numbers accuracy.



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