DXDY2-900T 多列圆角酱液包装机多列圆角异形袋酱液

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  Model DXDY-900T

  Multi-lanes round cornerspecial shaped bag sauce packing machine




  1. 本机适用于医药、保健品、食品等行业流体类的大批量生产的产品包装。如:川贝枇杷膏、人参液、糖浆、蜂蜜等。

  2. 不同造型设计的封口形式,提高产品的档次,撕口简单,不易外漏。

  3. 整机采用伺服电机+PLC触摸屏操控,人员操作简单,易熟练掌握;气动封合系统,运行稳定。

  4. 采用特殊的制袋系统,可完全保证袋子的平整度和美观度。

  5. 自主研发设计的特殊计量方式,专门针对于包装有粘性拉丝现象的物料,可保正封口处干净,无夹料现象。

  6. 伺服电机控制下料系统,可直接通过触摸屏进行调整,操作简单,结构完善,可大大提高生产的效率,降低劳动成本。

  包装材料: 聚酯/聚乙烯(低温),聚酯/聚酯镀铝/聚乙烯(低温),聚酯/纯铝/聚乙烯(低温)



  1. This machine is suitable for mass production of medical, health care product and food liquid product, such as CPG, Ginseng liquid, syrup and honey etc.

  2. Different shaped sealing type improve the product quality, easy to tear and tight sealing without any clip material.

  3. The whole machine adopt servo motor and PLC touch screen control system, which is much easier to operate; Air driver sealing system make the machine run more steady.

  4. This machine adopt special bag making system which can make the bag neat and much beauty.

  5. Independent research and development designed special volume method is specialized for stick material. It can keep the sealing margin clean, no clip material.

  6. Servo motor control feeding system, you can adjust the feeding through the touch screen. It’s very easy to operate. With perfect structure, you can increase the production rate greatly and reduce the labor cost.



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