DXDJ-40II150II 自动酱液包装机

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  Model DXDJ-40II/150II

  Automatic Sticky-liquid packing machine/ Automatic sauce packing machine


  1. 本机适用于医药、保健品、食品等行业酱液类的产品包装。如:蜂蜜、口服液、番茄酱、调料酱等。

  2. 整机采用伺服电机+PLC触摸屏操控,整机免维护,无需注油,减少了易损件的更换成本,人员操作简单。

  3. 特殊的封合加工工艺,是袋子包装平整,花纹清晰,美观。

  4. 根据不同的产品选用独特的下料机构设计,使计量调整更简单,下料系统无滴料现象,也可解决粘性物料计量时所产生的拉丝现象,封口干净美观,密闭性好。

  包装材料: 聚酯/聚乙烯(低温),聚酯/聚酯镀铝/聚乙烯(低温),聚酯/纯铝/聚乙烯(低温)



  1. This machine is suitable for medical, health care and food product and other sauce and liquid materials, such as honey, oral liquid, ketchup, seasoning sauce etc.

  2. The machine adopt the frequency motor + PLC touch screen control system. The integrated machine no need maintenance and oil lubrication, reduce the easy damage part cost and the operation more easy.

  3. Special sealing technical make the bags more neat, pattern more clear and with good appearance.

  4. Adopt different feeding system according to different material, make the measuring more simple. There is no drop material when feeding, and it also have the suction back function to make sure the sealing margin neat, clean and with good appearance and airtight.



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